The Internet of Things as seen by Google: This is Project Brillo and Weave

IoT at IO 2015

Here we’re talking about controlling a farm from a smartphone, controlling your heater to have that water warm before you reach home to hit the shower, stuff like that. Google yesterday announced that Android, and Chrome OS teams are working together for The Internet of Things as seen by Google through Project Brillo and Weave.

Project Brillo

Welcome Project Brillo, It’s the “underlying operating system for the Internet of Things. It’s “derived” from Android, but “polished” to just the lower layers. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android things.

IoT Brillo at  IO 2015


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“Weave” is the IoT communications layer. It’s a common language for IoT gadgets. Weave lets Brillo devices, phones, and the internet all talk to each other. Built-in support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is a big deal. One of the hardest things Indiegogo and Kickstarter gadget-makers deal with is trying to get those two things to work without being expensive and terrible.

IoT Weave at  IO 2015

Weave is cross-platform, too, and it exposes developer APIs. If the previous sentence is interesting to you, you are a nerd and I love you. Android devices will auto-detect Brillo and Weave devices.  Brillo launches in Q3, and Weave in Q4.