The iDroid Royal V4 not only moves volumes but moves the competition too

iDroid V4 Review camera

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The iDroid Royal V4 has had rave reviews and in the process becoming a must have amongst budget conscious and first time smartphone buyers. The Africell #Bakakase offer is one you couldn’t ignore!

News hitting our desk from reliable sources confirm how the above phone has become a hit, selling high volumes than iDroid anticipated. It is now the most selling iDroid phone to ever hit Ugandan soil.

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The phone which iDroid USA sells for free provided you subscribe to the Bakakase offer from Africell has turned out to be iDroid USA’s biggest cash cow, selling thousands of units as of this writing. “The success exhibited by the Royal V4 depicts our commitment to enabling everyone have a smartphone in Uganda “, adds the source.

With a lot of competition to fend off, the V4 has managed to stay strong amid a myriad of other smartphones selling at nearly the same price.