The hunter became the hunted: How Samsung ‘designed’ the iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 plus Vs Galaxy Note


In the wake of Apple – Samsung fights came this revelation that actually Apple lacked what the competition had at hand. They hinted on the large-sized smartphones the likes of Samsung Galaxies and what other Android OEMs produced. This was Apple admittedly letting the world know that large-sized smartphones were the next big thing! Which leads me to conclude that in a way Samsung designed the iPhone 6 plus. Yes, the same Samsung that apple sued for the iPhone design patent recently.

Another scenario was when the late Apple C.E.O Steve Jobs went on record to say that large screen phones wouldn’t win over consumers hearts a move which constrained iPhone screen at 3.5 inch diagonal by then. Even their Ads like the famous thumb ad below reflected this, showing the maximum limits your thumbs can reach on a phone. And now we all know Steve Jobs was totally wrong. The next iteration of the iPhone ushered in a slightly big screen coming at 4 inches with the iPhone 5 and sales were the right answer that people indeed loved large screens as it sold out like most iPhones do.

Speaking of today, the newly launched iPhones had the biggest launch ever selling 10 million units on their first weekend even without the vital Chinese market on launch day and the same company saw 4 million pre-orders in 24hours. A volume that some smartphone manufacturers can only manage to sell in a 12 months period but Apple did it in just 24 hours.

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Does this mean that Apple Fanboys loved their Galaxy holding counterparts but couldn’t admit it? The new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5 iPhone 6 Plus were met with much fanfare just like the previous iPhone launches I have witnessed with queues stretching miles and some even camping for days outside the Apple stores. Lets not act surprised this is a common incident on many iPhone launches only that this time around the queues brought in record sales.

Apple live

Apple products have never been about the price of their devices — always the consumers tell it with their purchasing power and indeed they did this time around with the new iPhone. We have to admit many smartphones outperform the iPhone spec-wise and in others aspects but the cult following that Apple enjoys always puts others second to it. The real competitor was Korean manufacturer that brought the “Phablets” to the mass market after all it was considered a mediocre move not until sales opened peoples’ eyes.

“It’s not innovation we are seeing with Apple now”

Apple always “down looked” at Samsung only to play catch up in the year 2014. Apple is known to refine products from its competitors into remarkable products that everyone praises and wishes to have. There were smartphones before Apple launched the original iPhone but the latter changed the smartphone space, there were tablets long before Apple launched the iPad the same applies to MacBooks and now the Phablets. It’s not innovation we are seeing with Apple now but rather catch up from once an innovative company under the stewardship of Steve Jobs (R.I.P)

“Samsung has finally made Cupertino realize what the next big thing is”

Galaxy S5 design


Google with its Android platform was accused of doing copy and paste from Apple’s iOS not until tables turned around with many features that Android enjoys that iOS has just come to enjoy. Samsung popularized large screen phones with the Original Galaxy Note and now Apple is playing along.  Thumbs up Sammy  as you’ve finally made Cupertino realize what the next big thing is.

Records have it that actually Samsung wasn’t the first to launch a large screen smartphone but they deserve credit for mass adoption of these phones in question that once a big headed competitor has finally embraced the competition and danced to the tunes. Whereas Sammy has been sued countless times by Apple for patent infringement and the Korean tech titan accused of copying its American nemesis, its high time we accepted Samsung eating a large chunk of Apples pie with positive sales of its Galaxy S and Note line that Cupertino heard the alarm bell and woke up.

With the Galaxy Note 4 set to hit shelves  soon, I know it won’t live up to Apple’s much hyped sales but if it can manage to outsell the last years Note 3, its will be a positive indication that people are indeed in love with Note.