The HTC One A9 leaks in full glory, Opts for iPhone-esque design

HTC One A9

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HTC has had very bad financials in recent times, and the company thinks this upcoming phone will change this. According to rumor mill, the phone will be called the HTC One A9 and from the specs it will be more of an upper mid-range ‘phone, also known as a supermid device. It’s likely to be based around a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, probably the Snapdragon 617, with 2 GB of RAM and a 5.0-inch, 1080p AMOLED panel rather than a QHD. HTC have been calling this a “hero device,” which for many meant that it would have an eyeball-bleeding specification, but it seems that the meaning of hero here is for something somewhat more realistic.

Serial Twitter leaker, @OnLeaks, has published images that show the dummy HTC One A9 to be used in US mobile network AT&T but we also expect an international version to hit the stores soon. The design of this phone is iPhone-esque, which appears to show a unibody design, presumably constructed of aluminum, complete with plastic antenna lines not so dissimilar to the theory behind the HTC One M7, subsequently used for later HTC models and copied by Apple. The One A9 appears to have the SIM and MicroSD tray on the side of the device and on the bottom, we have machined holes that appear to be for the speaker rather than HTC using their established front facing, dual stereo BoomSound setup.

HTC One A9 details

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Instead, there’s what appears to be a fingerprint sensor below the screen at the bottom, looking very much like something Samsung would put onto their devices. It remains to be seen if HTC have replicated the separate amplifiers for the rear speaker(s) as their BoomSound technology includes, or if the HTC One A9 simply has a speaker(s) assembly at the bottom of the device. The device is also set to come with a 13MP rear camera, a 4MP front facing camera (which utilizes HTC’s UltraPixel technology) and a relatively small capacity battery, at 2,150 mAh.

We will need to wait until the device is officially announced to understand availability and pricing, and to glean a better understanding of what HTC means when it comes to the “hero” moniker they have applied to the One A9.