The game just got tight: Qualcomm enters the wearable tech segment

Every tech company is betting on wearable tech. Very many are moving this way take for example the likes of Sony with their Smartwatch and now the smartwatch 2, Samsung with its galaxy Gear, then Pebble. And rumor has it that folks at mountain view and Cupertino are also licensing patents for smart watches.

With no footprint in the consumer electronics market,Qualcomm best known for its chips powering almost all major smartphone flagships their latest being the Snapdragon 800 couldn’t be left out and they launched their own customized smartwatch dubbed the Toq. Its beautifully designed but will face a tight race from the likes of Pebble, Sony and Samsung and others who are soon launching such wearables or have intentions of launching them. But it seems many tech companies believe this is the future as many have put a lot of resources in R&D  so i anticipate  them to get a return on their investments.

Embedded in, is Qualcomm’s low energy screen technology called Mirasol that makes it screen readable in direct light and the watch is priced at $350 {875,000 UGX} and its said to connect with only android devices. Here is the video keep calm and watch it.

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