The Galaxy s6 Edge innovation is leading to supply shortfalls due to curved screen production

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In the rush to try to do something different and to be seen as creative, Samsung has overstrained itself with meeting the demand of the Galaxy S6 Edge. In the PR books this looks awesome but it’s a disaster if the reports by the Wall Street Journal are to go be believed, as Samsung’s J.K. Shin was quoted to say that there will be a “difficulty in supply” with warnings that the issue could persist for some time. That’s a horrible message to deliver at the launch weekend of one of the most vital smartphone for the company. According to Forbes reports, with the relatively low quantities of S6 Edge handsets available, the message being picked up by the public is less ‘everyone wants this handset’ more ‘Samsung didn’t plan this very well.’

Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge

Samsung executives have in the past indicated that they had received over 20 million orders for Galaxy S6, with 15 million for the regular Galaxy S6 and 5 million for the S6 Edge units from carriers across the world. This means that if that 5 million units had been reduced, there would had been a disaster in terms of lost sales, rather than transfer back to the regular Galaxy S6. Last year’s Galaxy s5 sold twelve million units which acclaimed the reduction in Samsung’s profits, the South Korean company cannot afford to make losses with S6 Edge and has to do whatever is possible to prevent this situation.

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The S6 Edge however great, it has had some criticisms especially when it comes to matching the curved edges hardware to the software.  You will have to agree with us when we say that the software team has not matched those levels of innovation from the hardware team. Its clear the Galaxy S6 Edge was designed to show Samsung on the cutting edge of design and innovation, but it doesn’t stand out to any great degree, it has a number of ergonomic physical issues, and the construction methods used are either too slow or have too low a yield to allow any significant volume. Did Samsung rush to showcase the dual Edge screen technology to the world? LG has already shown off its prototype dual edge curved screen for smartphones at CES this year and it may not be a surprise to see them show off an “LG G Edge” at some point in the coming future. But, given the current Samsung debacle with the s6 Edge, this shows some level of panic and despair in the rush to be number one with a dual curved screen.


Credits: Forbes, WSJ


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    So the tapering edge has outdone the base design….!!!
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    the beauty and the smoothness