The Era of the Kiira Part 2: Sparks, Bolts and the Future of Electric vehicles in Uganda

Kiira EV SMACK Part 2 hero1

What really makes a great car? Is it the engine that powers it? Maybe the kind of body it has. Or perhaps the guys that made it, or even the price it sells for. In the end, such a conclusion is best left to the discretion of your heart. After we took you through the journey of the making of  the Kiira EV SMACK, today we bring you a little more information about the innards of the SMACK EV and the Future of the Kiira Motors Corporations (KMC).

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The SMACK EV shows no trace of any of the weaknesses characteristic of its predecessor. Being a hybrid the 8.2 kWh 40AH 208V Li Ion batteries power the car for city speeds and jam, situations that would otherwise wastefully guzzle away your precious and ever less affordable fuel. The combustion engine then kicks in when you pick up the pace, which allows the batteries redeem their charge both during operation and every time the driver hits the brakes.

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This removes one inherent challenge typical of all EVs; charging, which is particularly depressing to think about in our country. Furthermore, the batteries pack enough juice to power the car for an impressive 32.8 km with the potential to tickle the 130km/h mark on the speed gauge, purely on electric power. There’s a gauge to show how much charge the battery holds at any time and useful information from the trip computer along with other useful stats like the fuel gauge and speedometer.

The SMACK is equipped with a 60 liter capacity tank that translates to a mileage range of 508.2 km in hybrid mode. On the highway, the “Sedan” does 9km/liter and 7.92km/liter in the city with a top speed of 141 km/h in hybrid mode. The single speed BorgWarner fixed gear transmission with an 8.28:1 ratio provides an acceleration 1.60 m/s2 or in less geeky terms, 0 to 100km/h 17.5 seconds.



The car has a single gear system. This means it’ll accelerate at a constant rate in a single gear…drive! This is consequent of the duty cycle expected of the EV, like most hybrids out there. Even still, the computer detects the torque request; how hard you’re pressing the accelerator against what terrain the tires are trying to overcome and gauges the amount of power to output. In case of an emergency there’s still an emergency shutdown to power off the motors and electrics. Still, you should be able to break without power. Swipe a key card to enter and ignite or enter with proximity card. Once inside, it’s push to start. Naturally, there’s a manual override. Though it’s unlikely you’ll ever use it.



All this fun is much too boring to have all to yourself. That’s why the new SMACK is embellished with not two but five beige tan seats with a slick side trim; perfect for a family. And to keep the kids from fighting, the SMACK features an entertainment system complete with music and video playback via USB and DVD reader that come with a remote, an FM receiver and auxiliary all with an anti-glare video display and double din 6.2 inch touch panel control to go with.

One major objective of this car, as conceptualized by our St Marys’ Einsteins of the day was to make a product that grows with the technology; an extendable car. Thus, it is integrated with extendable technology like Bluetooth integration that allows hands free phone operations, GPS for navigation, remote control for; well; remote control, and others in context with the direction of the trends.

KIIRA EV SMACK PT2_Push to Start
Push to Start, No need for Keys

KMC products are all about style, comfort and convenience; complete with powered steering, climate control, cup holders, interior dome lights, sun visors, and much more. The car is equipped with all season chrome plated R18 x 6.5 wheels so you can take the comfort with you when you go off the tarmac on those all too often upcountry trips. You won’t even need a key to get into your SMACK EV. No worries, your car is still safe.

Kiira Motors Coprations Admin
Kiira Motors Coprations Admin (3D Model)


Another motivate factor to this project was to create an automotive ecosystem. Makerere University has been training engineers since 1969, and has since then continued to graduate hundreds of talented individuals, most of whom are working way below their potential. These graduates have the ability to participate in the high tech domain, an ability they will be able to fully utilize at Kira Motors. As a contribution to the cultivation to this culture of automobile experts, Kiira Motors will continue to extend training through internship and possibly, one day, corporate degrees.

Once the production plant is in place, there will be immediate availability of over 200 jobs for engineers and technicians. KMC believes the best person to sell a car is an engineer. The automotive industry also depends on a web of suppliers who will emerge to provide a range of things including electronics, raw materials for the car manufacturing process. Multiplier effect would create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the region to support production.

Kiira Motors Coprations Production Plant
Kiira Motors Corporations Production Plant (3D-Model)

I almost forgot. If, God forbid STRONGLY, in a frenzy of blissful enjoyment of the car’s features you were to ever crash, the SMACK is equipped with airbags to ensure you live to tell of it. Other safety features include emergency breaking assist, parking radar sensors, parking brake controlled video display, rear view camera parking assist and, of course seatbelts and front seat belt pretensioners. Still, this is no excuse not to abide by your good driving ethics.

Stay tuned for an exclusive inside look into the SMACK EV. As always your voices, thoughts and opinions are harmonies of soothing music to us. We are always eager to hear from you so please leave us a comment below.

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