The digital art of mind-wrapping animated gifs by Paolo Čerić

digital arts by Paulo

I have always been a big digital art lover. As a person with a strong art background. This week we bring you some of the best works of digital artist Paolo Čerić. Enjoy the abstract monochrome  gifs below and learn more about the artist.

digital arts by Paulo_4

[jumbotron heading=”About the Artist”]Digital artist Paolo Čerićis currently studying information processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia where his experiments with processing and digital art have resulted in a steady stream of fascinating animations which he publishes on his blog Patakk. Čerić says that he began about two years ago knowing very little about digital art or animation, but was fascinated watching other coders create art with code. For a while he simply tried to mimic other animations he’d seen, but lately has truly developed his own personal style that varies from pulsating geometric patterns to glitch art and everything in between.[/jumbotron]