The cons of social media: Ugandan woman deserted in South Africa by Facebook Lover

Abandoned: Lydia Mutuwa with her Kid (Image: Credit Groundup)

If social media cannot not teach us a lesson or two about it’s demerits, i guess this one will. According to Ground up South Africa, a 28-year-old Ugandan woman, Lydia Mutuwa, was abandoned by lover she meet on Facebook last year.  The lady went to  South Africa hoping to get a job to look after her children and sickly mother back home, and she regrets why she left Uganda in the first place as her life has become even harder than how she used to live when she was here in Uganda.

Mutuwa is living with HIV and has with four kids from her first relationship in 2008. She told Groundup that the her first relationship was abusive the fact that she is infected surrendered her on medication ever since.

The online meeting

In 2012, while online in Uganda, she became lovers with Tendai through a friend’s Facebook account (Brandy Naboyoya, who is also from Uganda, disappeared eight months ago.) Mutumwa says she was never concerned about not knowing her boyfriend’s real name. She was in love. All she was concerned about was getting a job in South Africa as she was promised by her boyfriend when she was still in Uganda. Convinced she was in love she left her four kids in Uganda and went to meet Tendai in Harare. The couple crossed to South Africa illegally and used trucks to get to Cape town.

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She goes on to narrate that on their arrival in Cape town, they stayed in a curtain divided house in Bellville with three men and the duo later, they moved to Delft where she took a job at a car wash in Belhar. However the man was always quiet on his work place or his real name as she knew him as Tindo while they were together.

Disaster strikes

When she was six weeks pregnant, she revealed to Tindo that she was HIV positive. On frustration, we guess, he packed his stuff in her luggage, including her passport and other belongings, and left while she was away at work. Tindo went with her phone, and also changed his phone number. Their baby is now two-weeks old. But without identity documents, she is unable to get a birth certificate at the Department of Home Affairs.

Mutuwa said,

“I wanted to abort this baby but my heart said no … All I could think of is what if something goes wrong? Then I die leaving my children with my sick mother [in Uganda]. I cannot tell my mum what is going on here, because she has a heart problem. This will add to her stress. I am the only child. My mother separated from my father when she failed to have more babies. My father then married another woman.”

“For the past three months my cousins have been phoning to tell me how bad my mother’s healthy is, but I cannot tell them that I have another child here and I am struggling. My mother is sick and weak. Letting her know what is happening to me will greatly affect her health.”

She is desperate to come back to Uganda so as to take-care of her children she left behind and is currently looking for employment to raise money for transport to go back to Uganda.

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  • I feel sorry for her but let this serve as a lesson to the rest. Otherwise on my side it would be really hard or even impossible to trust a stranger and travel for miles just to go and meet him/her,

    • rogekk

      they say ‘love conquers all’…On a serious note. There is the issue of spreading HIV intentionally may its legal in SA but in Ug i know its punishable ….