Since the migration to digital TV  happened in 2015, we’ve seen an avalanche of new Pay TV firms crop up in Uganda. The players in this space include, DSTV, Zuku, GOTv, StarTimes and the recently launched Kwese TV. Like any other business, most Pay TV in Uganda are designed around a niche, cost leadership or differentiation strategy. This means a company has to decide to offer affordable TV packages, focus and small market and at the same time try to give the a unique value proposition in terms of channels offered on each particular package.

As Pay TV subscribers, we all derive different benefits from the different products offered, as we have different channel tastes and preferences. The love of the English Premier league or Spanish La Liga might be a top priority for some, while others are interested in Telenovelas or Series. So, how do u make a decision on which Pay TV to give your hard earned cash at the end of the month? Let us look at each monthly Pay TV subscription in Uganda and find out which hits the sweet spot and gives value for money for under UGX 50,000 per month. Don’t for get to check out the mini poll at the end of the article.

DSTV Access

Multichoice Uganda has one affordable package that you can subscribe to monthly, the UGX 33,000 DStv Access offers a wide range of entertainment that’s light on the pocket, and it comes with a delight of over 120 mind blowing channels. This includes lifestyle channels like Fashion one and Spice TV. For the Sport fans there SuperSport 4, 9, 10 and Blitz. There are 14 local channels with this package and four children channels like Nicklodeon, Disney Jr, Jimjam and Mindset.

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TraceMziki, HipTV and Sound City are the only music channels you can get and it also caters for the religious people out there with 5 channels. There are 8 news channels which don’t include CNN, 3 documentary channels like NatGeo and Family discover,17 entertainment and movies channels, 12 specialist channels and 48 audio channels if you are into that sort of thing.


Any GoTV package you decide to settle with will fit this criteria. The most expensive is the recently announced GoTV Max, which costs UGX 49, 000 and comes with over 47 channels, GoTV plus will cost you UGX 26,000 but the difference between the two are extra entertaining four channels that will make a difference for most subscribers. The cheapest package is the UGX 16,000 GoTV value subscription that comes with only 28 channels.


Just like GoTV, Aza’s offerings are all below UGX 50,000. Azam Pure, Azam Plus and Azam Play will each cost you UGX 12,500, UGX 25,000 and UGX 37,000 per month respectively. All these prices will actually seem attractive given the fact that you get over 35 channels on Pure, 73 channels on Plus and 93 channels on Play. For an extra UGX 2,500 per month, Azam will also let you subscribe to its CloudPlus service.

Kwese TV

This new entrant doesn’t have any TV packages less than UGX 50,000 per month. Instead, they have decided to give all their subscribers all the channels they have to offer at different subscription periods. For UGX 31,570 and UGX 10,330 you can subscribe for either 7 days or 3 days. Otherwise the full upfront cost per month will be UGX 105,240.


Out of the 5 packages offered by StarTimes, 4 of them will cost its loyal subscribers less than UGX 50,000. There is the UGX 25,000 per month StarSat Special that comes with over 40 TV channels and 25 audio channels. At exactly UGX 50,000 you can get StarSat Smart offering 60 tv channels and 25 audio channel. The company also targets the Indian and Chinese audience in Uganda with two extra packages; StarSat Indian with 7 tv channels for UGX 25,000 and StarSat Chinese with over 12 tv channels for only UGX 40,000.


The Smart Pack, Zuku Classic, Zuku Premium and Zuku Asia all offer subscriptions under UGX 50,000. Zuku Classic comes with over 76 Video channels, 51 Radio channels, Local channels at UGX 35,000 while Zuku Premium 97 Video channels, 51 Radio channels, Local channels at UGX 49,000. The Smart Pack is cheap at UGX 14,000 , 42 TV Channels, 18 Radio Channels and Local Channels.

Now that u have it all, its time to make a choice. As we said before it all boils down to test and preference and affordability.

Editor’s Note: This article will gradually be updated with the latest affordable Pay TV packages, and also mentioning the package that strikes the balance of both low price and content so better get making your choice in the mini poll below.

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