The Best 9 Android Apps Made by Ugandans

9 best Android Apps made by Ugandans

….On The Google Play Store

Sure, it’s okay, you might still want to use your Android Phone for your day to day activities but it recently hit me — and I wondered, out of all these 80 apps I have on my Android phone, how many are Ugandan made? And I had only two. What a shame! Most of my friends are die hard Android users and some are developers. But I have always wondered which Android apps on the Google Play Store made by our home “boys” can I stand to use for a full month on without uninstalling them. So I challenged myself for a full month. I tested several Ugandan made apps and I came up with this list of the top nine.

Apart from the few that are bit obvious, I must say I really had a hard time choosing my best nine. As an app critics and reviewer, these are my recommendations and may be you could have your own (that’s why we have a comments section below). So what should you look out for when selecting an app? Pick the app that is on the Google Play Store (not side loaded). Pick the app that will be productive and helpful or entertaining in your day-to-day life and an app that you will be able to use over an alternative made by developers elsewhere. Pick the App with a great User Interface and User Experience with ease of use or what I would call eye candy. You need apps that grow with you, especially those that work for your needs no matter what they are or how they evolve. This is our selection and I would like to thank all the developers whose apps are mentioned below for the great work done and I hope this inspires upcoming developer as well. Now lets role.


It goes without saying, this is the best and most popular Ugandan made app on Android. Yes Kill yourself it it hurts that much, with over 100,000 installs the 4.8MB  two player card game took the continent by storm and has won the makers Kola Studios several accolades. They nailed it via the User experience and interface and it’s really a good boredom killer.

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The goal of the game is to play all your cards before your opponent. However it would be good if the developers added options like chat while playing and adding different,difficulty levels and the ability to send a request to a friend through searching for their user name. You can download the App HERE.

2. Pearl Guide Uganda

Am a sucker for good looking apps and this is number one on my list. The multi-award winning app is to die for. It’s a fully productive and functional app, with premier holiday, leisure recommendations and all detailed coverage of all the best Ugandan attractions, outdoors, amenities, events and more.

It gives advice on what to experience in Uganda, relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best holiday resorts, bars, clubs, shops and restaurants of all cuisines.

Download the app HERE.

3. NBS Television

This app brings TV to your phone for FREE, well assuming you are on a free wireless connection as well. Even after our detailed review on this TV App, we still have reservations on the UI. This app is functional and does what it supposed on to do provided you have a very good internet connection.

It keeps you informed and entertained with NBS Livestream for the Best Current Affairs, Entertainment, Music and Sports. You can also watch recordings of your favorite shows, read featured articles and get to know NBS’ On-air talent.

Download the app HERE.

4. Agro Market Day

This is one of the apps I check on once a weekly basis. AgroMarketDay is a new mobile application that features details of agricultural markets, market days , farmers, agriculture tools, agriculture news and the products sold in those markets in different districts in Uganda.

As an aspiring farmer, this application will enable people like me and all other farmers to upload information about our produce onto the system and it will therefore be visible to anyone who has the application on their mobile phone. I highly recommend this app.

Download it HERE.

5. Last Card

This is another one from Kola Studios and has under 50,000 downloads. Last Card is another card based game from Kola Studios based on New Zealand’s most popular card game. It’s very close to Matatu if you ask me but the rules differ a bit and it’s current success on the play store is no surprise to me. It has an easy to use beautiful interface, and you are able to compete against other Last Card players worldwide.

The app has had some criticism based on the comments reviews in the app store especially from the New Zealanders. Some contest the rules of the game citing that you cannot play doubles which is a very important part in last card something am sure the developers will fix if they haven’t already. Plus also check out one of their latest Mosquito Rush.

You can download the app HERE .

6. BodaPay

bodapayThis app has been on the Android Store since 2012 and am sure there are some people who have no idea about it. The makers of BodaPay Burdan Digital developed a mobile app that helps the user to estimate the cost of their intended journey while using public means of transport in Uganda. The app began as a pilot study but we still wonder if it’s still in the same mode.

The intention of the app is to ensure that you spend the required amount for your journey and also help you efficiently plan logistics for your intended journey / journeys a head of time. I must admit apart from installing it and taking up space on my phone this app is hard to use on practice since prices keep fluctuating depending on your bargaining skills.

Download the App: HERE

7. MafutaGo

MafutaGoThe Makers of the latest version of Pearl Guide Uganda have their very own app called MafutaGo. It’s a mobile and web application that helps users find the petrol station that best their needs. The issue is that with the ever changing prices of fuel on the different fuel stations it’s hard to keep such apps up-to-date.

The app displays a petrol stations location, the services the station offers, any special offers the station may have for its clients. As expected the app will work in Kampala only plus more fuel stations need to added to reflect whats on ground.


Download the App: HERE

8. New Vision

If you are into main stream media, the New Vision App for Android brings you all the Latest News & Breaking stories, right on your phone. Get the latest Uganda, Regional and World News from New vision’s wide network of reporters. Alternatively if you are Luganda speaking there is also a Bukedde app

.This news app will keep up with you and also allows you to download all your content at one go, switch off your internet and enjoy it at your comfort offline. Sweet

It’s neatly organized in different sections like breaking news, business, entertainment, technology and sports.

Download the app HERE



9. Bukedde TV Free

This is not an official app from Vision Group, Denis Jinjo the developer tries to fill this gap of the most popular Luganda TV station and makes sure we get to enjoy Agataiko Nfufu news on the go. One thing is for sure, the UI is not a killer but the app gets the job done. This android TV application will keep you posted with the latest from your Luganda television’s favorite programs.

The downside to this app is that there is no live TV streaming  but since it’s the only TV application in Uganda for Ugandan Bukedde TV fans, I guess we are willing to forgive that.


Download the app HERE