The Art of Mixology: 5 Free Android Apps to help you mix those drinks

the art of mixology

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Nothing takes off the edge like a well mixed cocktail and since am a DYI kind of guy, what better way than mixing up my own. So recently I challenged myself and looked up the best Android apps to help me perfect the art of mixology to come up with the best cocktail/liquor mixes. For the Android users, wonder no more which apps to help you make those ‘toxic’ concoctions. Of course,don’t expect to mix with the locally made brews. These apps will give recipes that will make you go actually spend on the different ingredients for that perfect taste.

So if you older than 18, get ready to use these Android Apps to unleash your inner crazy liquor mixing experience, some will basically make you an armature bartender in the comfort of your own home. You find that there are several apps on both the App store and Google Play store that boast with over 8000 drink recipes— now that’s a bit too much. Am sure some of you have gone to bars ordering for a Virgin Marys or Sex on the beach having no idea what the hell they are made of. So lets break it down for you and give the Android lovers the best mixology-related apps out there.


Cocktail Flow

Google Play Rating: 4.4/5
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Store the ingredients you already have, and the app will suggest a drink for you.
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Quick question. What kind of mixed assortment of liquors and spirits do you have hanging around? Some might have flavored vodka like Smirnoff, a small bottle of tequila, Spirits like Uganda Waragi, a bit of whiskey, and may be half a bottle of scotch? Worry not, I guess we can work with that—just enter them into Cocktail Flow  for Android (26 MB in size), add all mixers or decorations you might also have in the vicinity and then let the app do the magic for you. It will recommend all concoctions you can make with what you have there and then.

It doesn’t stop there, Cocktail flow, can also tell you other cocktails you could make if you added another missing ingredient, may be a flavor or coconut shavings, or any number of a long list of more items. When you install a new package, more ingredients are added. There is also a smart shopping assistant that gets new ideas on what ingredients to buy to prepare new drink recipes. You can set the prices appear in your local currency.

There is a feature that also lets you find the drink you are looking for, and the recipes are sorted by theme (like drinks for brunch or cocktails by the pool), and a helpful “browse drinks” tab that lets you search recipes by group (classics, exotics, frozen drinks, etc.), or by liquor, mixer, or garnish. As an alternative you also download Cocktails Made Easy as it does exactly the same thing as cocktail flow.



Perfect Drink

Google Play Rating: 3.9/5 

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Supposing, you really want a Cuba Libre or in layman terms a mixture of cola, lime, and white rum, but the only available clean glass you have is a weirdly shaped margarita glass which makes the measuring a bit tricky. So how can Perfect Drink help? You just download and open up the app (42.7MB in size), using the phone’s camera, this cocktail mixing app will use their patented technology to show you show you how to mix by filling up a virtual glass as you pour. The app measures each ingredient in real-time and tell you when to stop pouring. Cool huh!  Now, displayed on your phone are marker lines showing exactly how to mix the drink you want in the glass you have.

perfect drink

The technology used is pretty freaky, as all Perfect Drink does is to use your phone’s camera and your glass of choice to measure out ingredients for just about any drink you want.

As I tried out the app —I was able to select a glass based on shape alone, and enter in my own drink recipe, then line it up so that I could have easily measured out a balanced screwdriver into my Martini glass. The app has an extensive recipe database created and tasted by one of their professional mixologists, so they say.


Alcohol Calorie Counter

Google Play Rating: 3.7/5

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drinkaholicYou are faced with a dilemma, to party with your friends by night and do some serious training during the day. You badly want to keep your alcohol consumption in check. Worry not, Alcohol Calorie Counter (456k), is that app that will entice you to have a drink.

It’s a simple app, that will help you effectively measure how many calories are in any alcoholic drink you take. It will also show you some interesting information such as how long you should spend playing certain sports in order to burn those calories or some other interesting comparisons.

So how is one supposed to know how many grams are in a glass size, or how many calories are ‘hiding’ in a drink? This app will do all that for you. If you are that detailed, cautious and willing to go through the effort of counting calories in the first place, researching the average ounce size and calories per drink could be considered. Good luck on that, by the way.



Shake a Cocktail

 Google Play Rating: 4.9/5

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Tequila shot or Martini, anyone? Vodka or Gin? Wine or beer? When times are tough and you can’t seem to make up yourshake a cocktail mind on what you want to drink some times all you need to do it to shake it (I know what you thinking, weird naming for an app). Shake-A-Cocktail (4MB) wants to be your ultimate cocktail companion with lots of information about all of your favourite cocktails. Shake your device and Shake-A-Cocktail will randomly suggest a cocktail for you. And thats it.

First, you’ll see and hear a mixer shaking, then the app will give you one of several classic cocktails displayed against a moving, dark background. But most importantly you learn how to prepare, garnish and serve each cocktail. You can be the perfect host or the party king by making the perfect cocktail.

The app will allow you Share your favorite cocktails with all of your friends, this includes the full cocktail recipe and send it to whomever your want.




Google Play Rating: 4.1/5

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Want to be a hospitality professional?  Formula (24MB) is just meant to do just that, as it will be a definitive training resource for you teaching you how to serve beer, spirits, and coffee like a real bartender. There is a wealth of information on beer styles, plus videos on how to pour the perfect beer, it also gives details on types of coffee and whiskey.


For example when you tap on a spirit, you will be provided with details about it. It will educate you on the history of the different types of drinks, what they are made of and also gives the flavor profiles of that specific drink from different regions. Tapping on the lemon icon once in a recipe screen displays the ingredients needed for that recipe.


Do you know any other cool mixology android apps like these, feel free to recommend in the comments section below.