The All new HTC One stripped off all its mystery

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press shot leak

This will go down as the worst kept flagship smartphone in recent history. The All new HTC One has leaked left -right and center to a point that we feel HTC should just announce the phone already as March 25th seems far. The leaked video we saw previously highlighted several hardware differences including a dual camera set up at the back. If you were still wondering why they will be there, the “Duo Camera,” it’ll bring improved low-light capabilities and let you select the focus of a shot after it’s been taken. The end result will let you be able to highlight significant areas of a shot, soften the background and add 3D effects (EVO 3D anyone?).

Other reveals include:

  • A 5-inch, full HD, scratch-resistant screen
  • Improved dual “BoomSound” speakers.
  • The latest Sense 6.0 version that will let you double tap the screen to turn on the phone and swipe to access apps and social info
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We shall get to put all these rumors to rest  in two weeks time.