The Akita True-Sound Review

I have actually not been a big fan of portable speakers, but when I began using these babies am now hooked. Am not evoking that they are the holy grail for speaker phones but the first time you blast these twin futuristic shaped speakers you will be amazed by the authentic true sound output that comes out of them. Akita the manufacturer of has classified them as a perfect audio solution for a global traveler and indeed these are designed for the purpose. In this review I shall focus on three areas that make the Akita Truesound speakers shine.

Ultra portability meets design

The first aesthetic shock your eyes will have to endure is the shear red accent beauty and intelligent design thought that went into crafting these speakers. The company dubs its design as being ultra portable and these chaps at Akita are not joking. The dual speaker design Weighs under 400g, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and are small enough to be carried in your pocket! Magnets on the underside of each speaker allow them to ‘clasp’ together, improving portability. Am sure they must have filed some patents for this awesome design. The dimensions of each TrueSound speaker is 63mm x 60mm (H) and in the closed position the dimensions of the TrueSound are 63mm x 120mm. It has has two 3.5mm audio jack pins on both speakers, and  next to them are the on/off toggle buttons for each speaker. The two LEDs on each speaker will illuminate blue in normal mode or when charging is done, and when charging they will glow red. The cute looking speakers come equipped with an odd wire cable that has on one end two mini-USBs and on the other end a combination of 3.5mm jack pin (for audio input to the speakers), volume control rotary button and USB pin to fit into your computer for charging.

Amazing stereophonic sound

atika sound speker

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 Back in the years we claimed that some girls talk in “stereo” , but what we actually meant is the tremble sound effect, we never knew what the word stereo really means. Okay, just to clear the air; basically a stereo sound effect is when two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three-dimensional effect to the sound. Based on that definition the chaps at AKITA  implemented the desired stereo output and sprinkled some audio “juju” into them as well. I mean i cant stop to be amazed by the great quality of sound i get from them. Irrespective of the environment you are in;  indoor or outdoor the portable speakers never lost their sound quality as its capable of pushing out up to  89 decibels at its maximum. This means for those who have used the new HTC One phone would enjoy the same quality output although Akita has done design trickery to enhance the quality more as they have enc-operated “Expandable Resonant Cavity” technology which enhances bass and prevents distortion even at higher volumes.

4800 minutes of play time

Akita promises that the lithium ion batteries provides up to 8 hours of music playback on the go and are easily rechargeable via USB. We are not yet sure of the capacity in the battery .You willl also be able to listen to my TrueSound outside however Akita suggest the most suitable temperature range for the TrueSound is 0ºC – 40ºC therefore the TrueSound should be kept within this range at all times.