The 5 best tablets you can buy in 2015 so far


This was originally going to be a list of the best of what has come out this year, but frankly we just haven’t seen  any new tablets yet. So, we’ve adapted our list to include all the devices that we still think are a smart buy. These are the best tablets you can buy for the first half of 2015, starting from the least to most favorable.

The Nexus 7

OS: Android



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With the above in mind, first up on our list is the 2013 Asus Nexus 7, that’s right a two-year old Android tablet is making our list and with good reason. The Nexus 7 is one of the most comfortable tablets to handle. It’s small enough to fit in a back pocket, and the grippy texture makes its easy to hold with one hand without dropping it. Since it’s a Nexus, you can count on up-to-date Android software and it has been out for long enough that you can even pick up an LTE model for dirt cheap.


Galaxy tab Pro_2The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

OS: Android

Next up is the Galaxy Tab Pro, again this one isn’t from 2015 but it is still one of Samsung’s best tablet offerings — actually it’s several of them. You can now buy the Galaxy Tab Pro in three different size configurations; ranging from 8.4 to 12.2 inches.

But no matter which one you get, you are getting an extremely powerful tablet with a high-resolution display and strong multitasking. There is no stylus here like what you find n the Galaxy Note series, but in most aspects the tab pro just feels more modern and you can pick the 8.4 model right now for just UGX 664,000 ($200) or less.


nexus 9The Nexus 9

OS: Android


Now lets move to something more recent. The HTC made Nexus 9 may not have seen the most favorable reviews at first, but recent software updates have cleaned up the performance issues and turned it into one the of best Android tablets around.

It is one of the 1st Android tablets to adopt the 4:3 aspect ratio, and the front firing speakers beat out most of the competition. It’s pricier than the others featured so far, starting at UGX 1.3 million ($399) for the WiFi only model to UGX 1.97 million ($599) for double the storage and LTE. But, if you value stock Android above all else, this is the tablet you want.


iPad Air 2


ipad air

The iPad Air 2, makes it to number 2 on our list. Keeping true to its name, the Air 2 is extremely Apple Style thin and has a powerful 64 bit chipset. It’s Apple most powerful tablet yet, and it is only going to become more useful with the upcoming public release of iOS 9, that will finally bring split panes and multitasking support to iOS. From a great fingerprint scanner, to a beautiful display, to a huge selection of after market accessories, this tablet seems to have everything.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3

OS: Windows


Well, may be we can hold off to say that the iPad Air has everything. For the power user that truly wants to make the most out of their hardware, and take advantage of the ecosystem that has been out for decades, there is only one logical answer. Topping off our list is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Currently powered by the full version of Windows 8 and ready for Windows 10, the Surface Pro 3 acts more like a laptop than just a slab of glass, and even offers users a keyboard and stylus to give users a full productivity package all-in-one. Its kick stand is also handy for propping a Surface onto a lap or table. And full size USB means there are hundreds upon thousands of accessories to choose from.  It’s the priciest option in our list by far,  but there is no denying that the Surface Pro 3 is a killer tablet with just as much practical use as it has geek cred.

So that’s our list at techjaja, whats do you think is the best tablet to buy right now? You can leave us a comment down in the comment section below.