Telegrams allows you unsend sent messages, check network usage and more

Image Credit: Vox

The new Telegram update (v3.16) is here to solve us one of the one pressing problem that has plagued instant messaging, where you’re now able to recall a previously sent message. This might stem from a typo, an embarrassing sent message or sending a message to a wrong recipient. The message can now be retracted within a duration of 48 hours.

This is not all, Telegram users will also be able to check their network usage on the go. This will notify users on how much data they’ve consumed while telegraming especially data cautious folks that wouldn’t wish to deplete their plans within a flash.

This covers both mobile data and Wifi and also those on roaming while outside their respective country boundaries.

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Telegram has shortened down its user links from to just “” links followed by one’s user name like This works especially for those that wish not to disclose their personal contact number.

They can now instead share the link to anyone and the conversation starts from there without submitting their number.

This isn’t limited to personal chats, it will work for channels and  both groups and stickers.


Chats from a single contact can be chronologically be grouped together order with corresponding sent/received dates. They can be restored as before once the user switches back to normal chats.

Telegram now displays a list of previously shared files once you toggle the sharing button. It has added support for GBoard and also added new emojis.