Telegram introduces an anonymous blogging platform called Telegraph

Image Credit: Vox

Not to be confused with The Telegraph, the British Newspaper, Telegraph is a new blogging platform introduced by rising messaging service Telegram. The new kid on the block is morphing into blogging but not without a unique offering since the new platform will allow its users stay anonymous.

Why? They’re no accounts required. One only has to start typing, embed photos, tweets and hit publish. Telegraph draws a lot of similarities with medium but the anonymity bit reigns supreme amongst the few differentiating factor.

The caveat though! You won’t be able to catalog your blog history or categorize posts and once you clear your browsing history or switch browsers, you won’t be able to edit your posts.

Techjaja takes Telegraph for a spin
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In Telegram’s own description — Telegraph is a publishing tool that lets you create rich posts with markdown, photos, and all sorts of embedded stuff. Telegraph posts get beautiful Instant View pages on Telegram.

You must have seen the Instant View jargon, well, this is Telegram’s take on Instant Articles by Facebook and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Instant View launched alongside Telegraph and Instant View articles will load faster on Telegram with the service promising you zero load times and native viewing.

While anonymity has come back to haunt the likes of Twitter over abusive anonymous account holders, Telegram is bracing itself to sail along these waters but how to effectively monitor content over its platform question still remains at large.