Tecno teases its upcoming Camon CX aimed at the iPhone 7

Tecno debuted the Camon line of smartphones headlined by their cameras as a selling feature. First with the Camon C8 and last years Camon C9 and now it is teasing what it calls the Camon CX, aimed squarely at Apple’s latest iPhone 7. In the camera department for that matter.

Tecno prides the CX’s low light capabilities, a feat that the best of cameras can pull off and its better selfie capabilities but there is no mention of other specifications or what camera modules will the CX carry.

While the iPhone 7’s camera is one to beat, we can only hope that Tecno will live up to its promise of beating Apple’s flagship  hands down. Last years Camon C9 was very impressive with its 13MP camera though we couldn’t crown it the best of the pack with the S7 & iPhone 6S cameras loitering around.

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Tecno says it will better the CX’s camera with a large Ultra-pixel 16MP camera. However, the Ultra-Pixel technology might be new to Tecno’s smartphones but isn’t new to smartphones.  It used to be fronted by HTC in its Flagship M line but we can only wait to see how the engineers at Tecno made the best use of it. In other words, we’re waiting to be wowed.

The leak also shows  a centralised Selfie camera with dual-flash at the front of the CX. The Camon CX also seems to have a thin profile like the photos probably suggest but we can only wait for the CX’s launch to confirm its spec sheet.