Techno Brain to Establish Its Academy in East Africa in 2014

(Written by By Lilian Mutegi for CIO EA)

Techno Brain is set to start an IT academy in the coming year so as to source and develop local talent in IT and enhance the growth of the technology sector.

This was said by Techno Brain’s CEO, Manoj Shanker during a press briefing during the just concluded Annual Business Conference (ABC) which is a platform for Techno Brain fraternity to interact with their colleagues, clients and partners from different locations and businesses in relation to building a strong relationship to work together to achieve their set objectives.

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Manoj Shanker said: “The IT academy will be built in Kenya as this is the place where we have our corporate Headquarters. The academy will see university graduates from different universities across the country offered training and equipped with IT skills so that we can use use local talent to enhance ICT growth across the country.”

Previously, Techno Brain had partnered with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and other higher learning institutions to help elevate the level of technology in varsities.

Moreover, offering IT training will not be a big challenge as Techno Brain started back in 1998 as an IT training center and has upto date partnered with other training institutions like the New Horizons as the Master Franchisee in 8 countries.

Techno Brain has previously offered IT training on various career courses, certification programs, corporate training, university programs, Testing Services and Content Management. Their firm also offers courses in various formats and methods including, online live, mentored learning, instructor led and online ANYTIME making it easier for them to venture and invest in students to make them world leaders in technology.

Apart from the academy, Techno Brain will also work hand in hand with the government to help deploy different systems that will help curb some challenges the government is facing . Currently, they are working with the county governments so that they can set up a system that will help limit the increasing number of ghost workers.

“We have worked with different governments across Africa and provided solutions to help them control a number of issues. For instance in Swaziland, we established a system that helped track ghost workers; in Uganda we developed a system to help the government automate their financial records while in Namibian, we helped the government to solve the issue of land grabbing by developing an IT system. So we have decided to come back home and deploy the same systems through the government with the first project has established a system to track ghost workers,” said Joel Gachomo, Tech Brain’s business development director.

Techno Brain has also worked with various NGOs country wide including NEMA, Kenya Commercial Bank and UNICEF where they helped develop a child line and their largest successful project this year locally, being their partnership with Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where they were able to digitize four million records of KNH patients. Related stories

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