Techjaja Podcast 011 Geek Week Edition: MIT meets Makerere

Geek week 2015 posts Hosts:  Robert Sebunya


Aaron Lin

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As you know, we at Techjaja have connects everywhere (hence the ‘jaja’). As always, we use these web wires to bring you insights from far and wide. Sometimes, our paths will cross with interesting fellows from other walks of life, and we’ll get to interact. This 11th podcast is a special Geek Week Podcast where we had the please to have a chat with Aaron Lynn, ­ a Computer Science undergrad at MIT who was doing an internship at our very own Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences.

Listen in and enjoy the watercooler conversation on geek lifestyle rants, student culture at MIT vs MUK, Mathematics and computer learning, thinking outside the box, hilarious tech jokes that our Robert throws around, and accent problems we all have as human beings. Listen to Aaron Lin from MIT talk about the industry and the academia the difference between MIT and Makerere catch you on the next one.

Running time: 29:19  mins

Producer: Dee Kevins Daisy


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