Techjaja Podcast 010: Ecommerce in Uganda, we talk the talk and walk the walk with the Jumia experience

Hosts:  Robert Sebunya & Daisy


*Managing Director Jumia Uganda Anamaya Bajpai

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The cuckoo and beautiful Daisy makes a comeback on episode 10 as we discuss Ecommerce in Uganda using Jumia’s one year of existence in the country with founding Managing Director Jumia Uganda Anamaya Bajpai (interesting name I must say not my words Daisy’s”. Wait I almost forgot to tell you I finally made the announcement that I’m the new Managing Editor @Techjaja, a position that allows me write this post without anyone editing it.
Disclaimer I almost got you diverted from show but I need to warn you that this you are not supposed to listen to this particular podcast when in close proximity of your girlfriend especially if she catches the shopaholic bug .Boy! On this show we just get to wet her shopping appetites’ like never before.


On a much more serious note we talk about why you should stop going to that shopping mall down town or Kampala road where you susceptible to being pickpocketed by  these  Nasser road “Bachelor degree” holding Kampala pick pockets, fighting for your life in Kampala road traffic jam, driving and sailing your car in Kampala potholes sorry manholes when the city floods during rainy days or being cheated on pricing of that prized new smartphone because you can’t bargain your way down from the intentionally set price by that Indian shop owner (no ray of racism intended)  on Kampala road or his not so helpful shop attendants who barely understand that new flagship smartphone you buying.


So ladies and gentlemen this podcast introduces you to the number one online retail space in Africa. Yes, we talk Jumia delivery model, Jumia cashless payment model, “digito” sorry I mean digital customer experience. The company brag how it controls the value chain which  is actually true so the Boda Boda “rider” guy who delivers your items will allow you to try on all the items, before you can commit to buy.  That means Daisy orders stuff on Jumia takes a “selfie” in the mirror dressed in the new clothes, makes a post on Facebook and Instagram with the her new clothes #hashtags the post with #my_clothes are better than #yours by the way at this point, the clothes are still Jumia’s  waits for her Facebook friends to comment on her new would-be clothes while the boda boda guy is still waiting and finally pay Jumia for the clothes using MTN Mobile Money.

Well this and many more happen on the show and I guarantee you downloading this podcast is going to be the best MBz you will ever spend this year.


Running time: 33:26 mins

Producer: Dee Kevins Daisy
Studios: WIzHats Media