Hosts:  Robert Sebunya


Joseph Owino  @JosephOwino

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Joseph Owino the “kooky geek” who allegedly hacked the President’s Twitter account we get to hear his fairer side of the story. Did he really hack the president’s twitter account? This is just a by the way we kick off the podcast with Joseph tips on how to start and grow your website. He takes us through his 3 startups Owino SMS, Owino Solutions but we concentrated on the founding story of
By the way he also tells us the demagogues behind the Kawowo name if you a football fanatic you will be shocked on why they choose the Kawowo name.
If you plan on starting a website tune in to the show to find out the startup costs for Kawowosports. Spoiler alert it cost him zero find out why it happened to be zero shillings if you manage to tune in to the show. He tells us about the new appointments at Kawowosports and also the editorial structure aka organogram.

During the show he also opens up about his upbringing and later his first time to use a computer. Spoiler alert he typed Letter O-o-o-o-o-o-o until it melted off the Keyboard if you need proof go visit the first internet café in Mbale (Library). On a serious note he tells us about the cyber world in the early 2000’s in Eastern Uganda, the prohibitive cost of surfing for only 20 minutes on the internet and having to spend as much the price of one crate of beer.
By the way did you know this geek is a Bachelor of Community Psychology graduate later turned to a self-taught software developer who learnt all his “geeking-ly “without a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science how did he do it ? Tune in to the show to find out.
On the show we also give a few online resources that one can use to get educated online.
Find out how many stories the team at Kawowosports pumps out on a daily basis? Well he doesn’t directly answer our question but shocks us with an answer that will shock your jaws .Tune in to the show and listen in all by yourself.

We also ask a question that every content creator would love to ask him someone like him. And the simple question do Ugandan content consumers’ love miniskirt (KISS content) or they prefer long form content?

And lastly what are the future prospects for Kawowosports and what are the challenges for content creators in Uganda.  Thanks for tuning in catch you on the next podcast. Listen and Subscribe :Youtube

Running time: 32:23 mins

Producer: Dee Kevins
Studios: WIzHats Media