Techjaja Podcast 005:The State of IT Education and IT industry in Uganda

Host: Robert Sebunya

Guest: James Wire (Blogger & ICT Solutions Guru) @wirejames web:


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Our topic of discussion was the state of the IT industry and IT education in Uganda. We dissected where the divide of the IT industry and IT academia springs from and how to bridge that gap. Why Uganda’s IT industry is building shiny software tools and not productivity tools. We talk about our IT graduates over the years and there relevance and suitability to the ever changing IT Industry. Why technology companies run to Nairobi instead of Kampala? is Nairobi the technology hub of East and Central Africa? The computing industry is always in evolution. How can one keep on top of his game. Where the industry was 20 years ago in Uganda (Makerere Univerity) and what the future holds in the next 5 years. Some recommendations for the academia (universities and other institutions of higher learning).And last but not least is the kung-fu of an IT career in the papers or getting work done.

We were not able to have Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba on the show (a representation of the academia also a former Vice Chancellor of one of Africa’s Top universities Makerere University) due to his busy schedule he got caught up in a meeting at the hour when we were supposed to be on air (Studio) but appreciate his effort in trying to make time for the show.

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