Techajaja’s best longform stories from 2015

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[/blockquote]When we redesigned our site in 2014 to version 4.0,we  adopted the longform nomenclature in favor of Feature stories, to catch up with the current trends.  In 2015, Techjaja published over 136 longform features. We hit the hard knocking tech-topics in Uganda, exposed some deep inside stories in telecoms and Uganda’s tech scene at large, how tos, measured for you the data speeds for each mobile carrier, we gave our opinions on the latest trends in technology in the sector, we even sat down to interview the engineers at MTN after they relaunched their LTE network and not forgetting our new girls offside tantalizing stories!

But we get it. Longform is… long! It has a tendency to get lost at the bottom of your Pocket. So, we’ve collected some of Techjaja‘s best features from 2015 for you to read while you’re curled up in your post-glazed ham stupor. You can filter the stories below using our filter button, from those posts that ranked highest in our HeatIndex, Most viewed, Most commented on and Most Likes. Consider it our new years present coming early to you.

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The Team at Techjaja would also like to wish you a happy new 2016.