Taxify Uganda

Barely a month has elapsed since it’s launch in Uganda, Taxify has revised their pricing strategy to give competition like Uber, Friendship Taxi and the rest run for their money. Today, the ride sharing app has announced a 50 price discount from the 15 percent that they launched with.

“At taxify, our commitment has always been to give riders the most affordable rates and drivers the best earnings. We are happy to announce  a 50% discount campaign for riders while compensating the difference to the drivers” Taxify Operations Manager Shivachi Muleji said in a press briefing today.

The new starting fare is UGX 650  from UGX 950 and per Km is now UGX 350 from UGX 600. They will charge UGX 80 per minute from 150 with a new minimum fare of UGX 3,000 from 4,500.  It is clear that Taxify wants to attract riders to their platform and position themselves as a low cost defender to Uber. Check out how they compare with Uber now in summery table below.

 Old Taxify (Ugx)New Taxify (Ugx)Uber
Base Rate 9506501,100
Fare Per Km600350750
Time (per minute)15080150
Minimum Fare4,5003,0003,000
Ride CancellationN/AN/A3,000
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According to Taxify’s calculations, an average trip on its platform will cost about UGX 9,925  compare to UGX 11,975 from the competition.  Taxify now charges its drivers with a lower commission which is now 15% compared to 25% charged by ther competitors.

The new campaign starts tomorrow 7th November 2017.