TATA and Roke TeleKom sign Fiber cable deal to spark Internet Usage in Uganda

fiber cable

fiber cableLast week, Tata communications and Roke TeleKom singed an extendable three year deal to connect Uganda to vast undersea fiber cable network, with a 500,000km undersea cable network, the largest independently managed in the world.

Currently, Uganda is served by several fiber cable networks, including the East African Marine System (TEAMS) and the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) covering a 17,000km distance at a cost of more than $650m (sh1.7 trillion).  According to records Internet penetration in Uganda has stalled at 12.5% but is set to shoot up as competition increases.

According to the New Vision, State investment minister, Gabriel Ajedra noted that the partnership is timely as government moves to boost internet access.  James Walker, the Tata communications Vice President, managed network services noted that the move into Uganda is part of their strategy to capitalize on growth opportunities in African markets.  “The partnership with Roke Telkom is designed to enable us to merge the best international technology delivery with the strongest local technology implementers,” he said in a statement.

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