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Mini Poll: How is your free WiFi Internet experience in Kampala?

It's official, Kampala dwellers can now use the long awaited free wireless Internet thanks to the Government through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) in a project dubbed #MYUG. Several people took the network for a spin at the Kampala City Carnival just to remind you, the maximum speed per user was capped to 2 mbps.

NITA gives us a sneak peak of the free WiFi initial...

The National Information Technology Authority (NITA) has today teased on its Twitter page the initial coverage map of all the areas in Kampala and Entebbe where internet users will be able to access free WiFi

10 Things you must know about the Government’s free WiFi hotspot...

Recently, the government through the National Information Technology Authority (NITA) announced that they will provide free WiFi hotspot (wireless internet) dubbed #MyUG in Kampala city using the existing Fiber National backbone Infrastructure. This news was welcomed with mix emotions especially the majority who were suspicious of this move by government to offer internet as a free public good.

Government set to roll-out free wireless Internet in Kampala

Although the ICT sector was ‘treated miserably’ when the finances were being allocated in Uganda’s financial budget of 2016/17, the government through its ICT sector is making tremendous efforts in trying to upgrade and embrace the vital use of the internet. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are introducing slashes and combos on their packages day in, day out to try and lure the most audience to the side and we on the consumer are at times lost of choice.

Roke Telkom finally unveils WiFi scratch cards

In December last year, Roke Telkom and Google launched a fast WiFi network in Kampala which have come to be known as Rokespots, that have opened the Wi-Fi experience to city dwellers. This week, the company unveiled the Roke Telkom vouchers, which are basically WiFi scratch cards. Roke Telkom‘s WiFi network uses Google’s Project Link fiber with over 120 hotspots around Kampala allowing people to access the internet on their phones, tablets and any other WiFi capable device.

10 things you must know about Google and Roke Telkom’s WiFi...

Last week Google under the Project Link umbrella partnered with Roke Telkom to launch the largest WiFi network in Kampala. WiFi networks in Kampala are not a new phenomenon, as MTN already has an existing and seldom used WiFi network in some areas of Kampala, and Roke Telkom wants to chock it with their new deployment. The rate at which Ugandan smartphone users are craving for internet, clearly inspired Roke Telekom's decision to roll-out a WiFi network that is compatible to every smartphone and tablet. It means that irrespective of network operator, everyone can use this network as long as they have a WiFi compatible device.