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“Please forward this to 10 contacts” kind of messages will be...

In the wake of fake news and spam messages seeing their way over Facebook owned Whatsapp, the app is said to be testing a new feature to warn its users about sharing spammy messages, that have been shared and shared by very many Whatsapp users in order to curtail their spread.

How to hide your WhatsApp videos and photos on your Android...

There are numerous number of media files shared on a daily especially when it comes to WhatsApp image spam or sensitive content that you'd not like other people to see. To avoid having to scroll through everything

Apparently anyone with control of WhatsApp servers can infiltrate group chats

Your WhatsApp group might not be safe as German cryptographers have found a way to infiltrate chats despite its end-to-end encryption. Researchers announced they had discovered flaws in WhatsApp’s security at the Real World Crypto security conference

How to read WhatApp messages that have been deleted

When WhatsApp recently rolled-out the delete message feature, people liked this feature as they had been waiting for it for such a long time. With a few taps, they were able to erase messages on WhatsApp because until now, any slip-up we made was burned into

WhatsApp has been hit by a major outage and no one...

WhatsApp has been hit by a major outage, stopping millions of people from using it around the world.

WhatsApp officially rolling out ability to delete sent messages

Last month WhatsApp was testing the ability to recall sent messages, and it is now rolling out the feature to all users. In fact users of other knockoff WhatsApp versions