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Google testing video chat service that links patients with doctors

Last year we saw doctors use Google glass to operate on patients. Now it looks like Google is testing out a new program that could further cement their foot print into the medical world. The new service, is now being tested with a few users, and it aims to connects people searching for health conditions with doctors over video chat.

Hangouts Vs Hanginout: Is Google infringing on some trademark?

Perhaps the most popular video chat app in Africa today is Skype (i stand to be corrected), but with Google having its tentacles in everyone's smartphone especially if you are an

Understanding Google Helpouts, a video chat service for experts to share...

Combining various aspects of the Google ecosystem, the search giant on Tuesday launched Helpouts, a video-based online marketplace where individuals and companies can offer their expertise.

Google intergrates SMS into hangouts (Update Video)

After long speculation and a feature that was believed to come in the next Android Version 4.4 KitKat; SMS integration is finally coming to Google Hangouts. Google has announced the new feature,describing it as