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Thrilling shows to watch out on GOtv Max this festive season

It is the festive season, many are getting a break from work, the kids welcomed the holidays while others are just play along the Christmas carols. Well, it is Christmas time and what better way to relax than catch some action, fun or music on the small screen.

4 reasons why you should maxout and choose GoTV Max

GoTV Max launched a couple of weeks ago and as always, everyone was asking what is new with this bouquet and why on earth would they choose it over what is seemingly an already good deal from GoTV.

Banks directed to slow down on the digital transformation of services

Commercial banks started digitalising services early this year, a move aimed at eliminating physical bank branches that prompted intervention by Government.

Uber explains the progress made so far in Uganda

A while back Uber made one year in Uganda having launched here in June last year. In hindsight, Uber launched here with its UberX product in Kampala and Entebbe raising censoring questions and putting a stop to speculation of when they will launch here.

Uber projects the future of ride hailing services in Uganda with...

Uber has today projected the future of Uganda's ride hailing services. In a press conference held at Serena Hotel  Uber revealed that over 48,000 people use the service in Kampala and Entebbe alone, with the biggest percentage of rides requested during the wee hours of the weekends according to Uber's head of communications Janet Kemboi.

Uber discreetly increases its fares and we guess you didn’t notice

Surprised? Yeah, you must be but the above header is true though subtle since the increase was only reflected in the base fares and cancellation fees.