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UCC calls for provision of broadband Internet services in 25 locations

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has allocated funds to be used for provision of broadband internet services in underserved rural areas under the Rural Communications Development fund (RCDF).

UCC bans live TV and Radio broadcasts that are inciting the...

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has sent a warning to all TV and Radio broadcasting operators who are relaying live broadcasts that are inciting the public into

UCC warns public against use of Social Media platforms, to incite...

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) that was established under the Uganda Communications Act 2013, to among other things, monitor, inspect, license, set standards and enforce compliance relating to content, has warned Ugandans against misusing

Here’s what transpired at the 2017 Capacity Africa Conference hosted in...

This week, Uganda hosted the 2017 Capacity Africa Conference that drew a host of international investors and users of ICT products and services for two days. Convergence among the delegates remains on sharing of infrastructure for both voice and data related technology by service providers. Uganda Communications Commission’s Executive

Here is why UCC has suspended ABS TV’s broadcasting license

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has today began the process of suspending flamboyant Pastor Yiga's ABS TV due to continued broadcasting of explicit content that is not fit for all ages. This was sparked off by the controversial TV station's latest 'news' bulletin that raised eyebrows and attracted a lot of attention on social media.

Exclusive: MTN to reportedly soon phase-out its 2G network in favor...

In networking tongues, 2G stands for Second generation networks while 3G is outright its successor, same as 4G is an incremental improvement to 3G. Word reaching our desk is that MTN Uganda is soon phasing out its 2G network in favour of 3G given the many advantages that accrue to the latter.