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Uber expands coverage in Kampala, here are the new areas

Uber has been operating in Uganda for Over 16 months, and the ride sharing company is working hard to keep Kampala moving. Today, they have announced that we’ve expanded our coverage area to include

Uber Uganda announces a new ‘paid wait time’ feature to make...

Today, Uber is announcing Paid Wait Time, another impactful feature to make the Uber experience more productive (and less stressful!) for driver-partners and their passengers

Taxify Uganda cuts rates by 50%: Let the competition begin

Today, the ride sharing app has announced a 50 price discount from the 15 percent that they launched with.

Uber explains the progress made so far in Uganda

A while back Uber made one year in Uganda having launched here in June last year. In hindsight, Uber launched here with its UberX product in Kampala and Entebbe raising censoring questions and putting a stop to speculation of when they will launch here.

Uber projects the future of ride hailing services in Uganda with...

Uber has today projected the future of Uganda's ride hailing services. In a press conference held at Serena Hotel  Uber revealed that over 48,000 people use the service in Kampala and Entebbe alone, with the biggest percentage of rides requested during the wee hours of the weekends according to Uber's head of communications Janet Kemboi.

Uber drivers in Uganda get what they have long asked for

Uber has today announced a powerful set of new features that will make it even easier for driver-partners in Uganda to choose when, where, and how they drive. Uber is doubling