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The new Toyota Concept-i is a sleek vehicle you will probably...

Toyota has unveiled its vehicle of the future called the Concept-i-- and just to be clear-- for now, it is just a concept so it might probably never hit the streets of Kampala any time soon

Cooper Motor Corporation Uganda Unveils the 2016 Mazda BT 50

Cooper Motor Corporation Uganda LTD yesterday, unveiled the World’s most powerful Mazda BT 50 at Festino City Namanve in an exclusive Demo launch. The bold and adventurous Mazda BT -50 Boosts of Durability, Efficiency and Stability on the road. The car has been built with tough lines to match its solid capabilities. Equipped with bold power and looks, Mazda BT-50 takes you to

Toyota Uganda unveils the Fortuner and Hilux 2016

In the field of monster rides, Toyota is already making it big with the next generation of the beloved Fortuner. Toyota Uganda has today...

Toyota unleashes the 2016 Lexus RX

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has unleashed it's latest Lexus luxury vehicle. The 2016 Lexus RX is an all-new update to the

Weekly Tech Poll: Cruising with a Toyota or a Volkswagen

With Totoya being one of the most common car brands at least here in Africa, Tony wants to know how it compares to the German-made Volkswagen. So ladies and gents let's get clicking and may the best brand win. VOTE above.

BMW and Toyota propose a joint venture to make Sports cars

German and Japanese companies, BMW and Toyota will build a cooperative platform for sports cars, this comes after a year-long feasibility study into the potential team spirit. According to the BMW's