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Forget the lack of a headphone jack, the iPhone sold in...

iPhone sales have driven Apple to its biggest quarter yet, reporting revenues of $78.4 billion with over 78 million iPhones sold in the holiday season. Of the $78.4 billion, the iphone accounted for more than $54 billion thanks to the larger model, the iPhone 7 plus

Steve Jobs refused a piece of Tim Cook’s liver

Tim Cook offered his boss a piece of his liver in 2009 but Jobs refused.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is proud to be Gay

In countries like Uganda where the subject of homosexuality is still a heated debate, in the US Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed today that he describes himself as gay. This automatically makes him the most outstanding openly gay CEO.

Apple CEO confirms death of the iPod Classic

Apple CEO Tim cook today confirmed the death of the much loved 13 year old iconic MP3 player; the iPod Classic. The company quietly stopped sale of the music play and this doesn't come as a surprise to us, as we've previous written and predicted the death of the iPod. Tim Cook explained at the Wall Street Journal Digital Event on stage that the company decided to defer its revolutionary device

Watch This: Apple celebrates equality in Gay Parade match in the...

It's not common sight to see big companies come out openly to endorse LGBT rights at least here in Africa. Today Apple has released a video showing its employees, including CEO Tim Cook, taking part in the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 29th in the US.

Tim Cook confirms Apple Beats deal, and explains why Apple wants...

It's official and now out of rumor land, the long talked about Apple Beats deal has been confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cooks via an interview he conducted with Re/code at the code conference yesterday.