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Deal Aborted: Ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may not buy LA...

About two weeks ago, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laid down a $2 billion offer to buy the Clippers. But now the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling who recently uttered racist remarks

Former-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer buys NBA basketball LA Clippers for...

After leaving the top spot as Microsoft CEO, seems Steve Ballmer has set his eyes on something to keep him busy. We are talking about NBA's LA Clippers. The deal is now almost official, and Steve will buy the

Microsoft CEO hunt to continue till early 2014

It's been five months since Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's tearful farewell to the company he has been in for a long time. Well work at Microsoft has to go on as the company is actively searching for his

Done Deal: Nokia shareholders okay Microsoft deal

As we all expected, Nokia shareholders have okay-ed a deal allowing Microsoft to buy the Finnish smartphone maker’s Devices and Services division. According to Financial Times

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer up for re-election on Microsoft’s board

A portion of Microsoft investors might not be glad with the idea of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer Microsoft board

Watch this: Steve Ballmer’s tearful fairwell to Microsoft

Steve Ballmer's tearful fairwell to Microsoft, after over 2 decades in the company Steve cried during his last speech to the Microsoft Employees