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Is Snapchat is finally becoming the default camera app for most...

Have Ugandans have finally caught up with, Snapchat? Now I can say my answer to that question is pretty much affirmative. It was just a matter of time for most Ugandans to get onto the 'snap bandwagon'

Snapchat to redesign its Android application from the ground up

Snapchat is “building a new version of our Android application from the ground up that we will launch in select markets before rolling it out widely.” It seems as though this is a

Vodafone unveils the Zaga ReMix

Vodafone Uganda has launched a fresh, attractive and exciting offer, the Zaga ReMix, which provides a chance for many to enjoy worry free browsing as they set and catch

Whatsapp launches the live location feature: Here is how it works

Whatsapp today has launched a new location sharing feature available on android.This latest feature allows users to share their location with contacts using the...

Instagram is edging closer to 1 billion users

Photo sharing app Instagram is on steroids and is growing faster. Last we talked about it growth in April, it had 700 million users and in a space of 5 months, it has added another 100 million and now has over 800 million users.

13 essential Snapchat tips and tricks

In the past we've talked about how many Ugandans have failed to adapt the use of Snapchat due to its unpopularity among the youth and also the data hog app that it its. Now with the advent to social media data bundles by the telecoms like SWIFT and WTF