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Is Smile communications closing shop in Uganda?

The green network, Smile is apparently closing its business in Uganda. According to insider information, it is not all rosy at the once promising ISP best known for its unlimited internet bundles and a good quality of service.

Smile Telecom quietly adds new UnlimitedPlatinum bundle, further screws up UnlimitedPremium...

Following the recent launch of Unlimited internet from the MTN Uganda, Smile Communications has also beefed up its Unlimited offering with a pricier data bundle called UnlimitedPlatinum. The bundle joins the UnlimitedPremium and UnlimitedEssential that

Smile Telecom further throttles its “Unlimited” offering with new data caps

Smile Communications's Premium Unlimited data bundle has just been downgraded to almost snail slow speeds. When carrier

How to buy data vouchers over USSD

The advent of smartphones has relegated the use of oldtimers like USSD to oblivion, being replaced by apps each passing day. Fret not if you haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon and even if you’re, it will solve you the hassle of having to look for ISP agents, who are a rarity by the way or looking for a point of sale terminal like Payway, Pebuu, New Pay among others such that you can buy voucher cards for the likes of Roke Telkom, Vodafone or Smile since these have a limited retail presence and agent network.

Let’s accept, there’s no such thing as Unlimited Internet in Uganda

We've been here before, trying to dissect the meaning of Unlimited Internet and we believe it should be a steady internet stream without any disruptions in deliverance whatsoever! If you subscribe to unlimited internet, it should be that caps shouldn't accrue to your subscription but unfortunately that hasn't come into realization in Uganda. It remains for ISPs to tell given we haven't had a truly unlimited player with commendable speeds to speak of. Most, if not all are capped after one depletes a particular volume and exceptions are somewhat pricy.

The new Smile Premium Bundle offers REAL unlimited internet, Check out...

At last, real unlimited internet finally comes to the pearl of Africa! This is huge news for internet fanatics out there as Smile Telecom Uganda becomes the first telecom to offer Unlimited internet at fairly usable speeds. This is the beginning to the kind of internet we've been dreaming of and finally one of the telecos has responded in a rather positive way. The latest monthly Smile Unlimited bundle dubbed the Smile Premium Bundle will offer uncapped data for a full month at 6mbps at a fixed price of UGX 330,000