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Ugandans turn to VPN solutions after social media blackouts on some...

Some Ugandans have woken up to zero notifications on their phones, or their desktops showing error pages when they try to access Twitter or Facebook on this election day. Most people of course are suspecting that the government has a hand in this and according to confidential sources it seems to hold some truth to it. So for those who are able to access Facebook or Twitter on the affected carriers are using VPN solutions. Clearly Ugandans are saying no to online censorship.

Click Through: Actually, a Vodafone and Smart Telecom merger would make...

While mergers are nothing new in Uganda's telecom sector, rumor-mill indicates that a Vodafone and Smart Telecom merger could be on the horizon in less than 2 years. Actually to put this in perspective, it would make sense for Vodafone Uganda to buy Smart Telecom. According to our sources who have spoken to this blog and preferred to remain anonymous, over 12 senior staff at Smart Telecom have already called it quits and left the company including the company’s Chief Commercial Director.

Africell and Vodafone dethrone MTN Uganda as carriers with the fastest...

Around this time last year, MTN was ranked number one as the fastest mobile data network by crowd-sourcing app Open signal. Today, Africell and Vodafone Uganda have taken the spotlight away from Uganda's telecom giant. Whereas Africell scored overall best download speeds, not only was Vodafone close second, but also scooped the number one upload speed position. In Uganda, when it comes time to choosing mobile internet service, there’s more to put into consideration than just price. Some mobile data networks offer data speeds that are demonstrably faster than others. Other carriers, while perhaps not the fastest, may have better nationwide data coverage.

Smile Telecom joins the Unlimited data bandwagon

The mobile internet data offers are getting sweeter by the day. Smile Telecom Uganda has for the festive season unleashed its unlimited data bundle in a tweet. The company joins Africell, Vodafone, UTL and Smart Telecom who already have unlimited monthly data packages. New and existing Smile clients will be able to access unlimited data for only UGX 179,000 per month at a shared speed of 2 Mbps. With the SmileUnlimited data plan you will get up to 25 GB and when you exhaust it, your speeds will be throttled to less than 512 kbps.

Free Internet: How Ugandans beat the telecoms lackluster internet security

It's moments like these when we must face reality and admit the undeniable cravings that rule above us all. They come in many forms, and many of us will confess to the undeniable hunger for free internet. With more and more intelligent gadgets peskily making their way into our daily lives, like invasive greedy pets that just can't be fed enough, we have been forced to yield to the hunger for free internet.

Competitive advantage: Comparing 3G Networks in Uganda

Unlike the previous 4G-LTE comparison table we made, 3G networks in Uganda are very competitive and getting a major difference among the major players is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But, that is all on paper, in real world speed tests and user experince, it is a different story all together. There are five major 3G networks in Uganda with UCC licensed spectrum to operate 3G networks viz; Africell, Smart Telecom, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Airtel.