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Google is expanding its internet infrastructure efforts with Project Link and...

It's been five years since Google rolled up Project Link here in Kampala, and this week, it formed a four-way partnership to invest in a wholesale broadband infrastructure project designed to bring fast and reliable internet access to other cities across Africa.

Facebook and Airtel partner to lay fiber Optic cable in Uganda

Facebook and Airtel have today announced new plans to lay fiber optic cables of over 800 kilometers in Uganda by the end of the year. With this infrastructure, the social media giant hopes will provide internet access for more than 3 million people.

7 things that Telecom companies in Uganda should do in...

As we usher in the new year, telecom companies in Uganda need to looked as more closely than ever before especially in an industry dominated by big players like MTN and Airtel.

Roke Telkom might move into voice and also offer triple play...

In a recent interview between Roke Telkom’s Chief Operating Officer, James Byaruhanga and The Independent, he hinted about the ISP entering the voice segment of the telecom's space by becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) through leasing excess bandwidth from traditional players

ROKE Telkom is giving away Blankets & Wine tickets, but there...

Roke Telkom, a co-sponsor to the upcoming Blankets & Wine XV Edition is giving out free tickets but with a catch of course. All you have to do is upgrade to or sign up for their Roke Mega internet package and you are an instant winner.

How to buy data vouchers over USSD

The advent of smartphones has relegated the use of oldtimers like USSD to oblivion, being replaced by apps each passing day. Fret not if you haven’t jumped on the smartphone bandwagon and even if you’re, it will solve you the hassle of having to look for ISP agents, who are a rarity by the way or looking for a point of sale terminal like Payway, Pebuu, New Pay among others such that you can buy voucher cards for the likes of Roke Telkom, Vodafone or Smile since these have a limited retail presence and agent network.