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Is it me or Twitter’s up coming re-design is a Facebook...

Twitter's profile pages will be undergoing a fundamental redesign soon, according to the Twitter blog . These changes will be effective to only a select group of users for now, but will be rolled out globally in the

Welcome to techjaja 2014 Redesign

Wondering what you are seeing in this the featured image above? It's basically the techjaja team all going haywire about the new things we have in stock for our readers in 2014 after a full year as an online tech

Facebook “Like” button re-designed

Facebook‘s thumbs-up icon will soon become an icon of the past, with mockery designs being used to denote the disliking of something, and the thumbs-up being used in

Facebook to reportedly give its Messenger App a facelift

Seems Facebook wont seat back and watch other messaging apps like WhatsApp gathered millions of active users per month as it does nothing to compete with favorably.

Bing logo gets a redesign

Days after Google's upcoming new logo leaked, Microsoft's Bing search engine is getting a new look at. Looks like everyone is getting flat as Bing

Google redesigns Gmail inbox on desktop and mobile with tabs

If organization is the paramount to a great inbox, and Google's taking you one step closer to that stress-free experience. The company announced today that it'll be bringing