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Mozilla is trying out the first Firefox OS tablet prototype

In Africa we have had a chance to see Firefox mobile OS grow, since it's one of the company's strong target markets. In June last year we saw a Firefox tablet made by Foxconn as an OEM, and now we

The next HTC One specs envisioned with a 3D- Printed Prototype

We are currently finding this new HTC rumor hard to believe but with such overwhelming pictorial evidence we couldn't resist it. According to the prototype above from PunkPanda its evident that it has a close resemblance to the leak we saw in November, of the next HTC One aka the M8.

Apple testing a larger iphone and 13 inch ipad

According to a supply chain report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing iPhones and iPads with larger screen sizes. Apple is said to be considering an iPad

Watch this: Squito throwable panaromic camera prototype

In the video below we explore the throw-able camera aka Squito, with the Inventor Steve Hollinger. Hollinger's patented the technology