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Nvidia unveils the world’s first 4k Android TV console

For the hardcore on the go gamer out there, this will be a real treat as chip maker, Nvidia has today announced its next generation gaming console that will be the world's first 4K Android TV.

Nvidia unveils the Tegra X1 mobile ‘superchip’

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has today unveiled the company's next generation new mobile chip, the Tegra X1. The chip comes with 256 processor cores and eight CPU cores, and the company has called it the first mobile "superchip."

NVIDIA shows off Android’s first 64-bit processor

Its been a year since we last saw a 64 bit processor hit mobile phones in the iPhone 5s, by the end of last year we also had promises by Samsung that they where working on a similar chip for their Galaxy line of devices but so far we have not seen any. Today NVIDIA has provided details about it's new "Denver" Tegra K1,

Android to crawl into your car soon as Google launches Open...

If you thought Android was going to be an Open operating system for phones, tablets alone? Think again as today Google and several automakers are planning to bring Android to cars with the launch of a new

Nvidia unveils a 192 core mobile processor, the Tegra K1

By Techjaja Staff  @techjaja

Just when we thought Nvidia will announce the Tesla 5, we got side stepped, instead, the company has announced the Tegra K1, the world's first 192-core processor, with 192 Kepler cores inside it. Now this is some other level of super computing,

Is Nokia working on a Windows tablet?

So what do we see here? It looks like a fabled Nokia Lumia tablet, complete with a set of specifications that are set to put suggestions of a final run to rest.