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Remittance service WorldRemit raises $40 million to target 5 million customers...

Remittance service WorldRemit has raised $40m to drive its next phase of global growth, aiming to serve 10 million customers connected to emerging markets. Half of these customers will be in Africa.  

Mobile money transactions are now half Uganda’s national GDP

Mobile Money keeps making strides ever since its inception with not only having more registered accounts than normal bank accounts to now accounting for UGX 54 trillion in

Ugandan banks losing millions of dollars to technological fraud annually

Financial Institutions in the country have an annual expenditure running into Billions of shillings directed towards technology upgrades and related security measures. But along with that comes fraud valued at 10 million dollars. This is what is giving sleepless nights to the regulator technology not withstanding.

5 ways to get connected to Rokespot without buying a voucher

Roke Telkom has a vibrant Rokespot WiFi network within most parts of the city that started operations late 2015 that was done in collaboration with Google Fiber project. The

The Ministry of Finance is drafting a policy to regulate mobile...

When you move around the streets of Kampala, it is evident that Ugandans are more connected to the web through their mobile phones. This has also risen to more innovation in the financial and telecom sectors that has led to incorporation of mobile money services

Why Airtime scratch cards prices increased all of a sudden?

Recently there was an uproar about why Airtime scratch card prices were hiked towards the weekend. Outraged parties took to social media to air out