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Star of the Matatu Mobile Game: An exclusive interview with Daniel...

In our first episode of #UGTechUnplugged we had a chat with Daniel Okalany, team leader of Kola Studio, the makers of the much famous Matatu mobile game.

Uganda’s best app now has 200,000 downloads on the Google play...

Matatu--the groundbreaking Ugandan made gaming app that has stormed our smartphones in the recent year has reached a crucial milestone. This week the developers, Kola Studios, have announced that their Matatu game app has surpassed 200,000 downloads on the Google Play Store

The Port 002: Let the Games begin with Kola Studios

I talked to Terry Karungi production lead at Kola Studios, and indeed she had a lot to say about the genesis and revelation of Kola Studios

Matatu 3.0 app in the works: Get ready for a revolutionized...

We recently kicked off our tech start-ups show the port and so far we have had incredible feedback from our viewers and readers. During such interviews we get to have some insider scoop information on what

Kola studios hosts the first ever Matatu-Thon

OutBox was turned into a casino and not the usual casino with black jack. If you passed by, you couldnt miss hearing someone screaming out I've cut or nse nsaze.