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The real Amazon phone leaks

Recently we saw images of a prototype Amazon phone, now thanks to BGR we get a first clear look at the company's upcoming smartphone. The Google Nexus 4 look a like looks to be glass on both sides and a

Watch this: Nokia’s latest ad campaign goes neck to neck with...

Feels like dejavu all over again, we saw this kind of Samsung mockery commercials that attacked the iPhone in recent years and this time round Nokia thinks it will use the same strategy.

Apple testing a larger iphone and 13 inch ipad

According to a supply chain report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing iPhones and iPads with larger screen sizes. Apple is said to be considering an iPad

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 anti-theft technology to be put to...

If your smartphone has never been stolen, then count your self lucky. Seems the US government is the only one that wants to do something about it

Watch this: iPhone 5 and Galaxy s4 destruction tests

Watch this pain stacking video showing a destruction test of the two flagship phones, the Galaxy S4 and iphone 5.

Watch this: iphone 5 TV ad with music everyday tagline

Apple's recent TV ad campaign is dedicated to the music lovers. Yesterday the company released its "Music Every Day" on YouTube, a one-minute commercial