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Microsoft brings it’s Edge mobile browser to Android and iOS

Microsoft has finally brought its Edge browser to iOS and Android. Android or iOS users, will be able to use Microsoft Edge mobile to push webpages to a PC and resume where

WhatsApp rolls out its own emojis that nobody asked for

It seems, WhatsApp will no longer rely on third parties like Apple for its emoji: The Facebook-owned company has introduced its own set of emoticons – that nobody

SafeBoda app is finally available for iPhone users

Since its inception in Uganda’s the ride sharing app ‘SafeBoda‘ has been exclusively available for Android users, as they make up the largest percentage of smartphone users in Uganda. Today, the ride sharing company has unveiled the app’s version for iPhone users.

These are the top free and paid iOS Apps used by...

It is interesting when you get to know the kind of smartphone applications that are used by the local populaces in Uganda. We know that there are way more Android users in Uganda compared to iOS and this is largely attributed to the cost effectiveness and

iTunes is finally coming to the Windows Store

Windows users have always been able to download Apple's iTunes app from the internet and install it on their devices, but at Microsoft's developer conference, the company announced that Apple will bring iTunes desktop app to the Windows Store. This means

These are the most used iOS apps for the iPhone in...

Supposedly Android is the most used mobile OS in Uganda and you’re most likely to find 9/10 smartphone users being on Google’s platform while other operating systems fight for the remaining 1%. We recently unveiled the top selling Google Play Content in Uganda for the past 5 years however, there is a growing breed of Uganda’s using Apple’s iOS and this number is steadily growing given the brand affinity and social standing associated with Apple products.