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The Google Play icons are about to get a facelift

Google has today showed off revamped app icons for its array of Play apps to bring each one in line with the company's more colorful flat design aesthetic. The new facelift of the Google Play icons will see the separate apps for services like Play Music and Play Books. We've seen Google change its icon designs several times and in the Blog post Google said

Google Play Movies store now works in Uganda, Let the fun...

Android users will be happy to know that Google Play Movies & Music store now works in Uganda and will for the first time get access to movies on their phones and tablets.

Google focuses on Education with new Play store

1Just like Apple did, today Google is launches its educational app store today and is advocating for developers to build new apps aimed at this audience.

BlackBerry Phones to access Google Play Store according to images ...

Good news for Blackberry users, seems you will be able to join the Android realm, as the latest BlackBerry OS build, 10.2.1, could be able to allow the Google Play Store to be installed.

Google Play Books lands in eight Asian countries, Africa Still waits

Not that Africa is always left out, but seems Google is taking its time opening up it's play store Goodies continent by continent.