Tag: CES 2015


LG shows off a dual-bending smartphone display

Whenever Samsung starts a trend, trust LG to follow suit but again come up something swanky. Last year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note Edge which is a Galaxy Note 4 with a sloping display that bends on one side. At CES this year LG has done one better, they have shown off their own version of the Note Edge but theirs curves on both sides. This is the new LG Display with a 6-inch active bending OLED display. But is LG's dual-bending screen design necessary?

Mercedes-Benz shows off its concept self-driving car: The F 015 Luxury...

This week at CES, all things tech are being unleashed, today Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off its new concept self-driving car called the F 015 Luxury in Motion (Yes, that the full name) . It's design is a sleek pod with a spacious passenger compartment, and has four rotating seats that can face each other. In side the car, there is an array of screens that let passengers interact with controls and entertainment, and they can interact with hand gestures and eye tracking.

Meet the new Sony Walkman

For those born in the 2000s this Sony brand will obviously make no sense to you. At CES this year, Sony has shown off the new Walkman ZX2, which has been designed from scratch with die hard audiophiles in mind .

The future of smart boda bodas, may just be what Gogoro...

Imagine a city of not only smart electric cars, but also smart electric powered boda bodas (motor bikes) not that it will reduce the high rate of accidents, but because it comes with a slew of features to die for. Meet Gogoro, a newly announced concept smartscooter at CES. And, the makers expect it to hit Asia and probably Africa by 2030.

Meet the $29 Nokia 215, Microsoft’s 2G phone aimed at developing...

Every year, Nokia always has something for us in Africa, with their affordable handsets that appeal to the hundreds of millions on the continent who can’t afford smartphones. This year it's good to know that Microsoft is apparently eager to continue that Nokia legacy. Its been about eight months since Microsoft bought the Nokia mobile division, and today they have shown off the $29 Nokia 215.

Nvidia unveils the Tegra X1 mobile ‘superchip’

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has today unveiled the company's next generation new mobile chip, the Tegra X1. The chip comes with 256 processor cores and eight CPU cores, and the company has called it the first mobile "superchip."