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Apple Music now rolling out with iOS 8.4

Just as we expected, Apple has now made iOS 8.4 available to everyone for download and with it comes Apple Music the most long awaited feature. . The company's new music streaming service is included in this release. So today also marks the official debut of Apple Music.

Apple announces Apple Music: Revolutionary, 24/7 Global Radio and Connecting fans...

After the acquiring Beats last year for $ 3.2 billion, Apple has finally integrated Beats in a whole new product called Apple Music. In a testament to show that technology and art can work together, Apple Music integrates Beats One, Apple's first radio station, in 100 countries with three main DJs all wrapped in one single app on your iPhone.

Apple could lay off over 28% of Beats Employees

News just in, indicates that Apple's purchase of Beats will cause some job loses minus the fact that the same deal made Dr. Dre a billionaire. According to Recode Apple recently informed as many as 200 Beats workers that they'll have temporarily

Beats gives 24-carat Gold headphones to Germany’s Triumphant World Cup team...

Even if the Beats brand has no official connections to this year's World Cup, the company still wants to stay in the limelight than any of FIFA's sponsors. Beats is determined to seize one final, golden opportunity at publicity even if the tournament is over. After Germany's 1-0 victory in extra time over Argentina in the World Cup, and

Tim Cook confirms Apple Beats deal, and explains why Apple wants...

It's official and now out of rumor land, the long talked about Apple Beats deal has been confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cooks via an interview he conducted with Re/code at the code conference yesterday.

Apple wants to buy Beats for $3.2 billion

Apple wants to buy Beats for $3.2 billion just eight months since HTC and Beats ended their $300 million partnership that has lasted since 2011. Rumors of the potential Apple buy out of Beats comes from