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How to send Mobile Money from Airtel directly to an MTN...

It might not come as a surprise for some but wait when you read the specifics about the Airtel Money- MTN interoperability. While you could send mobile money before from Airtel to MTN, it required the sender to send the recipient a code to withdraw the funds and

Facebook and Airtel partner to lay fiber Optic cable in Uganda

Facebook and Airtel have today announced new plans to lay fiber optic cables of over 800 kilometers in Uganda by the end of the year. With this infrastructure, the social media giant hopes will provide internet access for more than 3 million people.

True African Launches Mobile Money Collection Platform for Merchants

True African a financial technology provider in Uganda has launched Pay Leo an e payments platform that enables businesses and other organizations receive payments

Uganda Telecom and Airtel finally resolve interconnection woes

Uganda Telecom and Airtel Uganda seem to have resolved their interconnection issues. On early this week, Airtel Uganda sent out a public notice in the media to announce to their customers that with effect from

UCC orders Airtel Uganda to suspend disconnection of calls to UTL

In an effort to mediate the ongoing woes between Airtel Uganda and Uganda Telecom, the telecom regulator, the Uganda Communication Commission has come out to calm

Airtel subscribers will not be able to make or receive calls...

Looks like the year is not kicking off well for the struggling oldest telecom in Uganda, and it seems the effects of its financial woes are starting to unearth. From management re-structuring, daring calls from UCC to halt their licences, legal battles and now Airtel