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Poll Results: Which mobile network offers the best Unlimited data plans...

We wanted to find out which of the many mobile networks offers Unlimited data plan that excites the Techjaja community the most. Several hundred of you voted in our poll the other week, and now we're ready to share the results.

Uganda Telecom (UTL) tasked to pay 500 billion shillings in debt

Uganda Telecom (UTL) creditors have given the legendary telecommunications company 6 months to clear outstanding debts amounting to over sh 500 billion.In a closed door meeting between over 100 UTL creditors with the current management body the Uganda registration services bureau, NSSF one of the key UTL creditors  noted that the company had been given enough time to clear all outstanding debts,thus extending the repayment period would be important for the administrator URSB.

Airtel subscribers voted the most active in Uganda

Big red otherwise Airtel has been voted as having the most active subscribers amongst telecommunication companies in Uganda. In a survey conducted by GeoPoll in different Sub-Saharan countries that included Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Uganda,

The Best mobile Unlimited Data Plan in Uganda

We've been here before -- with the never-ending argument that most of the mobile network operators are not actually giving us unlimited internet. Unlimited data plans usually comes with ludicrous terms and conditions (read as Friendly user Policy) that most

Airtel rewards loyal fans in the first ever end of year...

After the recent launch of their 4G LTE network, Airtel Uganda treated subscribers to an end of year 4G party at Gekko Lounge

Taxes to blame for hiked Airtime prices

The Uganda Revenue Authority collects up to approximately UGX 288 billion each year from tax on Airtime cards. This financial year alone, it will collect an additional UGX 5